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An online educational system that teaches a highly lucrative Business Investment strategy focused on Virtual businesses. We genuinely care about our students success and our statistics reflect this with the highest action rates and retention rates in our industry.There’s an  term that we hear way to often….  ‘Shelf Help”… These are courses that people buy to make themselves ‘feel’ like they are finally going to do something about getting ahead, but after they are bought, these courses end up sitting on the shelf doing nothing but gathering dust… We strive hard to NOT be this.

Did you know that less than 3% of the buyers of  online money making courses actually take action? Would it then surprise you to hear that We have:

  1. 40% of our Students taking action and buying websites – 37% more that the industry standard
  2. 90% put their hands up to be part of our Partner Program
  3. 70% of our students remain with us for more than a year – average is 0% in our industry
  4. 12.5% are Intervesting full time – average is >0.2%

Who Is The Intervestor

To help as many people as we can to become financially self determined and successful.
It’s not about the money, it’s about following your passions.
to do everything in our power to help you take real action steps. To help you not let this become just another ‘shelf help’ product that you never got around to using

Our Crazy Stats

Take Action 40
Want To Partner 90
Stay For A Year 70
Go Fulltime 12.5