I have been working the intervestor program for 11 weeks and getting great results, as well as loving every minute of it. Finding some higher priced sites that I needed help with I upgraded to the mentor program – must say its the best business decision I have made in a long time thats increasing my net worth quickly.

My fulltime intervesting life is certainly interesting. Recently I was challenged with, a sleepless night, uncertainty and indecision, followed by relief and joy – The great lesson I learned “FOLLOW THE INTERVESTING RULES”.

We have just completed our 3 day Mentorship program in Bali. As always Eric was a wealth of informative information. By doing the mentor program we now have a very clear and simple strategy on how to achieve all our Intervesting goals, but more importantly, the tools and the understanding on how to implement them.

As a full time intervestor it was just what we needed to accelerate and cement our success Wow ! words cannot describe how I feel being a full time intervestor – finally have time to do the things I love – thanks Mr Intervestor